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Coming off the pandemic, a scorching hot economy and jobs market placed the power of choice in the hands of job seekers. Reports of a ‘Great Resignation’, and ‘quiet quitting’ were widespread. Now, with conflicting ideas of what office work should look like, the ‘Great Mismatch’ is upon us. Large layoffs continue to dominate headlines and a looming possibility of a recession, the pendulum of power has swung back in favor of employers and the numbers say that they want you in the office.


The Numbers:


  • In November of 2022, remote postings accounted hit a ten-month low, accounting for 13.7%. A seven percent drop from a high in March.


  • Left unchecked, remote work can decrease collaboration by up to 25%.


  • 37% of workers fear that remote work means less visibility to leadership.


  • 87% of Americans want to work in a flexible environment that allows for work in an office setting as well as virtually.


  • Fewer than 14% of job postings on LinkedIn are still receiving more ha n50% of all applicants.


  • Peaking in May of 2020, 61.5% of full-time workers were operating either fully remote or on a hybrid schedule, that number has fallen to 27.5%.


  • There’s been a nearly 7% drop in job postings with a “remote” option since March of 2022.


  • Only 5% of executives believe that fully remote offices can have a strong company culture.


  • Job seekers on average would take a 14% pay cut to work remotely.