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SVN Commercial Advisory Group | Capital Net Lease is a highly specialized real estate niche broker group. Our Team focuses exclusively on Single Tenant Net Lease properties nationwide. The market for these properties has been very strong over the years and is forecast to continue on that track into the foreseeable future. Single Tenant Net Lease properties can offer stable tenants with real estate in prime locations. Leases are usually corporate backed, with several having investment grade credit ratings. These properties are easily financeable due to the strength of both the tenant and the real estate locations. Single Tenant Triple Net Lease properties provide an ease of entry into commercial real estate investing with little to no landlord responsibilities. A typical purchase price is usually between $1M and $5M. At Capital Net Lease we work with buyers, sellers, and developers of Single Tenant Net Lease properties.

When working with sellers or developers; Capital Net Lease works hard to bring the highest value to our clients. We stand by the notion that maximum visibility leads to maximum value. Our team utilizes a combination of traditional marketing platforms, the CCIM network and industry relationships, and the vast network of SVN advisors. This allows us to reach beyond state lines to bring buyers and sellers together nationwide.

For buyers, we assist on identifying properties that meet their investment needs.  Single-tenant investment properties have considerations well beyond just the expected cap rates or returns. Our guidance through the due diligence process helps investors mitigate other risks that may exist. It is important to properly determine whether the property being considered is a Double Net Lease (NN) or a Triple Net Lease (NNN).

Some can be incorrectly advertised as an NNN Lease property, but have additional landlord responsibilities, such as roof repair and replacement, snow and storm debris removal, lawn care maintenance, HVAC, parking lot resurfacing, and more. This would, in essence, make it a Double Net Lease (NN) property. In an absolute Triple Net lease (NNN), the tenant is responsible for all of these costs and there are zero landlord responsibilities. It is imperative that a potential buyer review the lease carefully, inspect the property, and evaluate the land as well as the improvement values.

You should also know your tenant’s ability to pay, and their creditworthiness. In some property types, for instance, a franchisee will be financially backed by a corporation. These are some of the specific variables that must be taken into consideration as you think about investing in STNL properties.

For more information on Single Tenant Net Lease properties please contact Capital Net Lease at 941-487-3787 or www.capitalnetlease.com