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Sarasota Architectural Salvage is kicking off a “Buy Local” initiative on Memorial Day, encouraging shoppers to shop local and pend their dollars with local businesses.

Studies show that buying local has a multiplier effect in the community; with The Institute for Local Self Reliance reporting that $1 spent at a locally owned business typically returns $0.60 to other businesses in the community, whereas that same dollar spend at a national retailer only returns about $0.33 to the community.

“Every year I hope that my business is not seasonal, but I realize that our sales do drop off in the summer,” says Sarasota Architectural Salvage owner Jesse White. “We’re raising awareness about the benefits of buying local and promoting the concept in our stores and on social media.  With red tide and [hot] weather, there are companies that just can’t make it through the summer.  I’m hoping that our buy local pledge may [help] make the difference for some businesses.”

The Buy Local pledge states, “I pledge to vote with my dollars and purchase as much as I can from local businesses. I will maximize sustainability and community investment. I will minimize environmental impact through my buying.”  Guests can sign and date a business card-sized pledge and keep it in their wallet as a reminder to shop local.  Pledge cards will be available at both Sarasota Architectural Salvage stores this summer, and White will kick off the initiative with a customer appreciation day serving free hotdogs, beer and other beverages on Memorial Day from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m. at its downtown location, and free beer at its University Park store.

by Sarasotamagazine.com